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Welcome to our Homepage

We are a christian evangelical charismatic church located
right in the middle of the city of Frankfurt/Main - Germany

Our week:


Wednesday, 20.04., 7 pm
Service with Pastor Victor Gutierrez, Columbia

Victor was born in Bogota, Columbia. With his conversion he became free from drugs and was
restored. He served within the terrorist zones of Columbia and amongst the  leprous. He has witnessed the rising of the dead, deaf being able to  hear and he has experienced the miracles of various healings.

Thursday, 21.04., 7 pm
Service with deliverance / inner healing


Saturday, 23.04., 7 pm




Werftstrasse 2 - 60327 Frankfurt am Main - Germany - Telephone:   +49 (69) 2648 7675 - Fax:   +49 (69) 2424 7694 -